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What is Tiny Home Insurance?

Are you at the place in life where you want to live BIG but in a TINY space?   Do you have your eyes on a cute little cottage house they are now calling – Tiny Homes?   Are you an investor looking to purchase a tiny house for rental income?  

If so, don’t worry at all…. CMI of Texas can help with all things TINY Home!   

Most insurance carriers are not familiar with how to insure such beauties, however, at CMI we specialize in them.  We have partnered with several carriers to offer top notch, all inclusive coverage packages to fit every need.   Including but not limited to attached decking, outdoor kitchen, storage buildings and so much more.   Regardless if your cottage is a primary home, seasonal or rental, CMI can help!  

Tiny/Mobile Insurance Quote Form

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As with any structure called home, tiny & mobile homes can and should be insured to protect your finances from various risks. Purchasing a tiny home & mobile home is an investment that would not be easy to replace if a disaster hit. The right mobile home insurance policy offers protection for your home, possessions and finances.
Like homeowners insurance, tiny & mobile home insurance offers a variety of coverages. Some of the most common coverages include the following:

- Dwelling: Covers the physical structure of your mobile home from a variety of disasters such as fire and theft.

- Contents: Covers your furniture, kitchen appliances, clothing, electronics and other belongings. You may need extended coverage for valuables like jewelry and antiques.

- Liability: Covers you if an accident on your property causes injury or property damage. This includes medical and legal expenses.

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Protecting your mobile home is as simple as calling our agency for a free quote. We can help find a policy with the right coverages for your needs, as well as answer any questions you may have. 

We do the work for you, so you can rest knowing your home is protected.

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