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Annual Service Project

Every year CMI of Texas Insurance Group, LLC Donates 10% of all profit to a specified service project. This is our way of giving back to the community and blessing others with our success. Service is not just something we do, it’s who we are!




In 2020, CMI of Texas was able to bless multiple families with supplies, groceries, appliances, funeral expenses, and various needed items. These families were impacted by the loss of loved ones from the COVID-19 pandemic. In most cases they were bread winners leaving behind a financial burden to their widows and children. While we could not possibly help everyone who was negatively impacted, we used our Service Project funds to assist as many as possible. These events would not be possible without our loyal clients who entrust us with providing quality insurance protection for their family. We are so thankful for our loyal clients who give us the opportunity to make a difference.


In 2018 CMI of Texas continued the scholarship fund at the SHSU College of Business Administration. The scholarship recipients received a basket of specific items our staff hand picked along with their certificates. In addition, our staff met with each of the students and their families spending time talking to them about their current and future endeavors. Thanks to our loyal clients, this event was made possible and will have a lasting impact on each and every one of the recipients. Throughout 2018 we also donated to several charitable organizations as a part of our Service Project initiative. Once again, we would like to thank our staff and customers for making these events possible.


In 2016, we donated toys to the children in Texas Children's Hospital. Thanks to our loyal clients we were able to reach so many children, families, and members of the hospital staff. Our President was impacted in his youth by Texas Children's Hospital. Therefore, we selected TCH as our first stop on the service project trail. Sometimes all it takes to change the world are small simple acts of kindness.


In 2021, CMI of Texas was able to bless multiple organizations. Among these organizations, was primarily a school for children with special needs. We were able to help them with needed items and sponsor children to attend who otherwise wouldn't have been able to receive the special care, tutoring, and education they need to succeed in life. Multiple options were presented and we chose to use the Service Project funds in this capacity this year. We are so thankful to our loyal clients who make this legacy possible every singly year.


In 2019 CMI of Texas spread our service project over a few different organizations. The decisions were too tough to pick one. We stocked a local women's shelter with much needed supplies and equipment. We also delivered toys once again as we did in 2016 to children/families in need during Christmas. Thanks to our loyal clients, these events were made possible and will have a lasting impact. We look forward to continuing a legacy of service.


In 2017 CMI of Texas is launching a scholarship fund. The scholarship recipients will receive not only assistance with the cost of education, but will also get a personalized letter from our executive staff encouraging them to make the most of their education and ultimately pursue their dreams. Impacting our young people with the gift of wisdom is something our staff is passionate about. When we invest in our young people, they will bring the yield of that investment back to our society. "Give a man fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime." In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey & Irma we have also donated the remainder of funds for the Service Project to individual families in need. We were able to join forces with another independent agency from Florida to deliver several gift cards to help families with the cost of being dislocated from their homes in both Texas & Florida.

Thank You!

To our loyal clients who make these events possible! Your investment in our company is reaching multiple generations! As CMI of Texas continues to grow the Service Project events will only increase in both size and impact!