Health Insurance


Health Insurance

Find the perfect health insurance solution for your unique needs.

At CMI of Texas Insurance Group, we understand that individuals, families and small businesses often require tailored health coverage solutions, especially when not covered by a larger group policy. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) revolutionized the health insurance landscape, making it easier for Texans to access quality care at a fraction of the cost; however, out-of-pocket expenses are still a concern for many people. Fortunately, recent changes have empowered Texans to augment their health insurance with supplemental coverage. This means you can now safeguard against both planned and unexpected medical expenses, ensuring peace of mind and comprehensive health protection, for a very minimal monthly fee. Discover the perfect health insurance solution that fits your unique needs with us today! In most cases, we can help you get more coverage for less than you are currently paying.

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Plan Details:

This plan includes:

- Pays directly to you, unless you assign your benefits to your providers
- Your choice of benefits and premiums
- Pays in addition to all other insurance
- No deductibles
- No networks
New Plan Benefits Include:

- Urgent Care Facility
- Rehabilition Unit/Admission
- Quadriplegia
- Ambulatory Surgical Center
- Physicial Follow-Up Visits
- Chiropractor Visits
- Coma